Office of Military Education consists of 8 members which is a director supervise 7 staffs. Their official ranks differ from 1 major (general chief instructor), 1 colonel (Acting head of division instructor), 3 lieutenant colonels (instructor), and 2 counselors for campus safety. Two of them support the Office of student affairs to serve the students' livelihood, other support the Office of Student Affair, division of alumni and foreign student.

 [Work Focus]
[A. Military training education]
1. Planning the education program:

   We plan the curriculum (as the optional course for freshmen and
  sophomore year) according to the curriculum standard, national
  security, national defense technique, theory of military affairs
  , battle history, study of arms, and military training and nursing.
  training and nursing.

2. Teaching practice:

In order to refine military training education and improve the
quality of instructors, we organize the Teaching Program for
instructor, and discuss with the essential officer group during
winter and summer holiday.

3. Solidify the teaching materials:

We're actively collecting different types of military affairs and
nursing education materials, such as books and audio-visual materials
in order to enrich our teaching materials. Our collection includes 205
books, 207 videotapes and 3 CDs.

4. Strictly examining the education:

With the teaching assessment practice and review, we encourage the
instructors improve their teaching skill and be well prepared for the
lesson. For those could not be able to fulfill the requirements, we will
consult with them or encourage them to have an early demobilization
and pursue other career.

5.Counseling for reserve officer examination:

In order to assist the university's graduates pass the examination of
reserve officer, we distribute the past year paper for those candidate
and request the related teachers guide them.
The selected instructors will be assigned to every exam area to stand
ready for assistance for assistance. We handle the reserve officer
examination matters with actual working experience.

[B. Services for Student]
1. Instructor's duty to reside in the university:

In order to safeguard the campus safety effectively, instructors
reside in the university and on duty for 24 hour to handle the students'
unexpected accidents, such as injury and sickness, send them to hospital
and others.

2. Guidance for the young generation:

We held some awareness program related "AIDS prevention, drugs
recognition, and understanding of the harm of smoking, narcotics,
alcohol, and betel nut."
The instructors also keep in touch with relevant scholars, specialists,
and popular organizations to strengthen the communication to raise
awareness among the young generation.

3. Guidance for traffic safety:

The "Guidance and counseling for freshmen program" included a traffic
safety campaign, is aimed to lead the students understanding the area
and road condition around the campus, cultivating traffic courtesy.
We emphasize the concept of traffic law-abiding by using the military
training course and camera case to avoid the traffic accidents.

4. Counseling services for student in dormitory:

   We establish counseling service to the freshman in dormitory with
the assistance of each college’s instructor. We also set up instructor
duty room and counseling room in the dormitory area to serve the students conveniently.
"Guidance and counseling for freshmen Program" also arrange fire and
earthquake drills, train students practice to flee by using the slowly
descending devices. The drill held in the dormitory every semester.